Resistance training workout routine

This workout routine requires a gym. It mainly involves dumbbells and a cable machine. It is a superset full body workout and concentrates on the big muscle groups first (chest, back and glutes) followed by the smaller muscle groups (shoulder, tries and bies). The supersets are followed by a blitz.

Warm up and stretch

3 x 10 Dumbbell press ups
3 x 10 Flies
Until failure press ups

3 x 10 Lat pull down
3 x 10 Inverted flies
Until failure shrugs

3 x 10 leg extension
3 x 10 split squats
Until failure squats

3 x 10 Military press
3 x 10 Cable pull in
Until failure Lat raises

3 x 10 tricep kickbacks
3 x 10 rope pull down
Until failure tricep dips

3 x 10 Chin ups (hammer grip)
3 x 10 Cable reverse grip
Until failure dumbbell curls

Alternative Plyometric Exercises

I’ve incorporated plyometric exercises into my routine for a while now (explanation of plyometrics) and have come across some more. Like most of the exercises and workout routines posted here, they are focussed on developing the necessary muscles for martial arts:

    From the lunge position, jump up by driving your back leg to your chest
    Box jumps
    Bunny/frog hops (from low squat position to a tuck jump)
    Hop, skip and jump
    Clap push ups
    Alternating jumping lunges
    Push up and feet take off (like a horizontal star jump)
    From kneeling, jump into a squat position
    Push up into a squat (by tucking your knees right in)

Agility workout routine

Here’s a 45 minute agility routine:

Warm up: 3 x 3 minutes skipping
Stretch (focussing on calves)

Agility ladder
Start with one minute rounds and then increase by 30 seconds as it becomes easier.
Left out, right in, left in, right out, left forward in, right in, left out, right forward in and so on.
Press ups, pushing up and leaping/shuffling down the ladder.
Jump with both feet in, jump both feet out and squat, repeat down the ladder.
Switch hips/feet in and out down the ladder.
Wide/Narrow press ups down the ladder.
Hop twice forward and once back.
Press up forward left and right creeping forward.

Active recovery: plank (1 minute) and stretch

Sprints (50m and walk back x 5)
Bunny hops (50m and walk back x 5)

Warm down: plank (1 minute) and stretch

How to run a successful martial arts tournament

Organising a successful tournament comes down to PREPARATION.

Stuff you’ll need:

  • Competitors
  • Referees and umpires
  • Medals/Trophies/Certificates
  • Hall hire
  • First aid
  • Scoring cards or clickers
  • Draw sheets
  • Weigh-in sheets
  • Scales and tape measure
  • Speaker system
  • Lunch?
  • Tables and chairs
  • Photographer (nice to have)

MA tournament

Stuff to consider in preparation:

  • What is the predicted number of competitors?
  • What disciplines will there be?  E.g. points sparring, continuous sparring, special technique, patterns/kata, destruction, any team events?
  • Marketing e.g. social media, poster, emails, website
  • Pre-register competitors.  Online?  Registration form?

Thought needs to be given to crowd/audience management, parent/coach appeal, parking, tournament set up and clear down,
What will happen at the front door?  Pay?  Weigh in?  Spectators?  Register?
Rules need to be sent to all competitors (through their coach) ahead of time.