I’m back!

After graduating I immediately went on a family holiday – cruise around North Europe. They had a gym on board with head to toe windows covering one side of the wall, so the view was magnificent! Anyway although I hit the gym everyday with my brother, it was inevitable I would put weight on because we were eating five huge meals a day (that’s what all inclusive cruises do to you)!

When I came back to England I had a few days of hard training, but before I knew it I was offered a job as a fitness (and archery) instructor in America, working at a children’s summer camp. I took up this offer and spent the next two months, eating quite well and working out quite well. I was also on the whey protein, which is really cheap in wal-mart. I met some great guys at camp and we decided upon a road trip around America!

After ironing out a few problems, we were restricted to the west coast, which was still bloody amazing! But during our road trip we hit the gym twice in three weeks, but each session were long three hour sessions doing all over body work outs! It was the same deal when we returned the car and there was just two of us left backpacking.

So now I’m back in England and I’m finding it tough getting back into it. I went for a short run and was dead! I went back to my old long term club and was shattered after a short session and I can feel some of my old injuries coming back. Plus flexibility has gone down hill. With all these negative thoughts, it’s easy to give up but it’s tough to suck it up and put in even more effort to get back to the standard I was. I am determined to get there. I’ll keep you updated of how I progress!

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