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Fighting the Chinese genes

As you may already know form my previous blog posts, I have been trying to bulk up and “get big”… I was told again today that I’m not as big as my (white English) friend, Ben, who is also on this “getting big” programme. It’s annoying! And I blame it on my genes! The Chinese aren’t built to be big. We don’t play rugby; we stick to table tennis and badminton where our small frames and nimbleness works to our advantage. I’m green with envy off Ben… we have been lifting pretty much the same in the gym, yet he is the one bulking up. I argue the Chinese simply aren’t built for this!!

On the other hand, another friend said to me today, “It’s not all about size.” And I have to agree with this. I believe I am getting stronger, which will help my Martial Arts, and I won’t need to buy a new wardrobe because I’ve got too big for my clothes (unlike Ben)!!

Getting BIG update (week 3)

It’s been two weeks since the “Get Big Phase” started and I thought it was time to see how effective this regime was… I am now weighing 83.5kg (up 3kg) and my fat index has dropped to 7.5% from 10.5%! I’m over the moon about this result! I thought I had put on some fat (definitely feel a bit podgier) but apparently not! Visually, I can’t see much of a change apart from my back looking slightly broader. I will stick with my workout and weigh in in another two weeks.

Peace out.

Getting BIG!

For the past few months I have unsuccessfully been trying to put on weight because I am one of the lightest in the heavy weight division. It was time a drastic change. Monday morning saw the start of our (my friend’s and I) “Get Big Phase”.

Basically the first week is the loading phase: whey protein (post-gym and at 3am!), creatine, eating as much as we can (four big meals a day plus snacks) and hitting the gym everyday. The next stage, the bulking phase, involves: daily whey protein, creatine, eating four meals a day and gymming it ever other day. Bulking up will involve an increase in the amount of muscle and fat we put on, so we have planned the next stage (the getting lean phase) to strip away the excess fat. This will involve 5 weeks of high cardio, eating regular amounts and cutting out late night carbs (no creatine or whey protein). The heaviest I’ve ever weighed in my life is 82.6kg (I’m currently on 80kg), hopefully by the end of this I’ll be 86kg.

Its day five of this new regime and it feels like I’ve just spent the last few days eating non-stop! The good news is I managed to bench press my all time high (five sets of three reps at 95kg) yesterday and after jumping on the scales it looks like things are going to plan! I’ll keep you updated on my progress…