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Another exercise for you, which is a lot shorter but more intense.  This should take between 2 – 5 minutes and works on a fairly new training principal I’ve been reading about called the “after burn effect”.  

It’s called the M100 (or Mandatory 100):
1. 10x Burpees
2. 30x Hill climbers (alternating leg squat thrust)
3. 10x Semi-squat jump
4. 10x Burpees
5. 30x Hill climbers
6. 10x Semi-squat jump
7. 10x Burpees
8. 30x Hill climbers
9. 10x Semi-squat jump
10. 10x BURPEES!

Important: there is no resting until you complete all ten sets!

Basically repeating three exercises for three sets and finishing on one final set of burpies!  

For example (skip to 1:45):

Muscle strength VS Flexibility

I believe that training in the gym (lifting weights) helps develop your strength in sparring, for any Martial Art. However, I have always avoided doing leg weights (squats, calf raises and leg press etc) because I do not want to lose flexibility in my kicking.

So firstly, do you think you lose flexibility if you build up the muscles in your legs? And what would you suggest for developing kicking power/leg strength without losing flexibility?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Fighting the Chinese genes

As you may already know form my previous blog posts, I have been trying to bulk up and “get big”… I was told again today that I’m not as big as my (white English) friend, Ben, who is also on this “getting big” programme. It’s annoying! And I blame it on my genes! The Chinese aren’t built to be big. We don’t play rugby; we stick to table tennis and badminton where our small frames and nimbleness works to our advantage. I’m green with envy off Ben… we have been lifting pretty much the same in the gym, yet he is the one bulking up. I argue the Chinese simply aren’t built for this!!

On the other hand, another friend said to me today, “It’s not all about size.” And I have to agree with this. I believe I am getting stronger, which will help my Martial Arts, and I won’t need to buy a new wardrobe because I’ve got too big for my clothes (unlike Ben)!!

Getting BIG update (week 3)

It’s been two weeks since the “Get Big Phase” started and I thought it was time to see how effective this regime was… I am now weighing 83.5kg (up 3kg) and my fat index has dropped to 7.5% from 10.5%! I’m over the moon about this result! I thought I had put on some fat (definitely feel a bit podgier) but apparently not! Visually, I can’t see much of a change apart from my back looking slightly broader. I will stick with my workout and weigh in in another two weeks.

Peace out.