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Agility workout routine

Here’s a 45 minute agility routine:

Warm up: 3 x 3 minutes skipping
Stretch (focussing on calves)

Agility ladder
Start with one minute rounds and then increase by 30 seconds as it becomes easier.
Left out, right in, left in, right out, left forward in, right in, left out, right forward in and so on.
Press ups, pushing up and leaping/shuffling down the ladder.
Jump with both feet in, jump both feet out and squat, repeat down the ladder.
Switch hips/feet in and out down the ladder.
Wide/Narrow press ups down the ladder.
Hop twice forward and once back.
Press up forward left and right creeping forward.

Active recovery: plank (1 minute) and stretch

Sprints (50m and walk back x 5)
Bunny hops (50m and walk back x 5)

Warm down: plank (1 minute) and stretch

Partner Workout Routine

Here’s a kickboxing style workout routine that takes about an hour to complete. It’s predominantly stretching and body-weight exercises. All you need is an open space and a kick shield (or focus pads):

Open park

Warm up
20 x star jumps
20 x side to side hops
20 x press ups
20 x burpees

Rotate arms
Leg raises to the side and front
Static stretch arms (across the body and behind the back)
Side splits
Front splits

For the length of a sports hall and back (or 100 metres):
Step forward lunge front kick
Step forward squat turning kick

In pairs (person A and person B), or it can include a third person to hold the pads and time:
A squat jumps B jab cross sprawl
Change after one minute
AB long jump burpees (one minute)
A turning kicks B splits/hamstring stretch
Change after one minute
AB bunny hops
A and B alternating turning kicks
AB plank
AB sprints (50m sprints, walk back and repeat 5 times)

Reactive sprint exercises

I heard of some new reactive speed exercises which I’m looking forward to trying out. They are varied sprint start positions:
1) Four point sprint start (like you’re starting from a running block)
2) Standing sprint start
3) Lying sprint start
4) Sudden change of direction

The same can be done for all of the above, but sprinting backwards.

Let me know how you get on.

Plyometric Training

A bit of info about Plyometric Training:
– “Plyometrics is a training technique designed to increase muscular power and explosiveness.”
– “Plyometric training conditions the body with dynamic resistance exercises that rapidly stretch a muscle (eccentric phase) and then rapidly shorten it (concentric phase).”
– “The rate of stretch rather than the magnitude of stretch is of primary importance in plyometric training. In addition, the coupling time or ground contact time must be as short as possible. The challenge to you as coach or athlete is to select or create an exercise that is specific to the event and involves the correct muscular action. As long as you remember specificity and to ensure there is a pre-stretch first then the only limit is your imagination.”
– we should be performing plyometric exercises rather than running marathons for tournament training. Sparring is fast and explosive rather than a four hour plod. That’s why plyometric training is ideal for the Squad.

I have ten plyometric exercises I use for my Taekwondo Squad that they perform in pairs (one counts whilst one exercises) alternating each time.  I ask them to perform this once a quarter and I record their scores to monitor improvement.  Give it a go!