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Another exercise for you, which is a lot shorter but more intense.  This should take between 2 – 5 minutes and works on a fairly new training principal I’ve been reading about called the “after burn effect”.  

It’s called the M100 (or Mandatory 100):
1. 10x Burpees
2. 30x Hill climbers (alternating leg squat thrust)
3. 10x Semi-squat jump
4. 10x Burpees
5. 30x Hill climbers
6. 10x Semi-squat jump
7. 10x Burpees
8. 30x Hill climbers
9. 10x Semi-squat jump
10. 10x BURPEES!

Important: there is no resting until you complete all ten sets!

Basically repeating three exercises for three sets and finishing on one final set of burpies!  

For example (skip to 1:45):

The Dirty Dozen

I spent a year working in Taunton, Somerset, where there’s a Royal Marines base.  I trained there a few times and picked up an exercise routine called the Dirty Dozen!

It consists of 12 reps of each exercise. Each Round is cumulative (must include the previous set of rounds):

Round 1 = 12 Should Width Push ups
Round 2 = 12 Crunches
Round 3 = 12 Lunges
Round 4 = 12 Star Jumps
Round 5 = 12 Tricep Dips
Round 6 = 12 Shuttle Runs
Round 7 = 12 Leg Raises
Round 8 = 12 Diamond Push Ups
Round 9 = 12 Burpees
Round 10 = 12 V-Ups
Round 11 = 12 Squats
Round 12 = 50 quick sprint starts (25 on each leg)

I tried this out on my University Kickboxing club, who took ~40minutes to complete.  I showed people it when I was working in an American summer camp and I started a little competition to see which pair could get the fastest time.  From what I remember ~24minutes was the best.

I suggest people give it a go, record your time and try and beat it next time.

Enjoy 🙂

GTI Fight Club/Squad Training/Competition Improvement?!

So I’ve been tasked with bringing back GTI (Global Taekwondo International) Fight Club/Squad Training/Competition Improvement – not sure what to call it yet as:

  • Fight Club sounds a bit thuggish (and cliche with that awesome film with Brad Pitt)
  • Squad Training sounds elitist and may intimidate others from training
  • Need something along the lines of what it is like Competition Improvement (but that sounds rubbish)… let me know if you have any ideas!
I’m a little apprehensive but excited at the prospect of heading it up and I’ve got the full backing of the committee which is great.  I guess it’ll be a good test for me to see if I can put on a quality sparring session with them all there and show them and everyone my vision for the team.

Work Training Balance

I’m missing training tonight as I’m stuck on a train coming back from work in London, and its not the first time!

I’m interested to hear how other people adsress this balance. Especially now that I’ve been contracted to a job in London for the next ten weeks, with a big comp coming up in march.

Any ideas?