Monthly Archives: November 2013

Irish International

The GTI Squad have spent an excellent weekend in Cork, competing at the Irish International Taekwondo Championships. This tournament was attended by hundreds of colour belts (who competed on Sunday) and black belts (who competed on Saturday).

This very well run and tough competition saw 10 GTI competitors and 4 spectators attend this year. Although lower numbers than last year and no black belt men’s team, the two GTI black belt men joined forces with De Silva taekwondo (based in Ealing Broadway, London). In the first round, the English team faced the Germans. The Germans were a friendly and technically fancy group, but this didn’t cause the English team many issues, who closed the bout early with three straight wins. The English team then faced the home favourites Ireland and unfortunately lost after one draw and one win VS three wins and one draw.

Great comp, great friends 🙂