100 Press Ups Bet

A couple of weeks ago a bunch of friends and I were out for a mate’s birthday. We were talking about the gym (as alpha male guys do) and one guy said he could do 100 press ups, and still have energy to do more! Immediately I was sceptical and didn’t really believe it. He doesn’t have a bad physique but a 100 press ups is a lot! Anyway before we moved on to TGI Friday’s for our meal, he dropped down and started doing his “press ups”… as you can probably guess he had very bad form/technique. I can only describe what I saw as him “humping” the floor (to be fair if no-one has shown you the proper form how can you know what to do?). Anyway I stopped him and showed him the proper technique: arm’s locked, bum in line with your back, lowering yourself down to a fist’s height off the floor, back up to arm’s locked (and repeat).

During our meal the conversation carried on… he said that he could do 100 proper press ups before we broke up for Easter (three weeks away). I bet he couldn’t, so we agreed that if he did it, I would need to take my top off and do as many press ups as I could in the middle of our University campus during a peak time. If he failed, then he would need to do it.

There is one week to go, and from what I hear he is only managing 30 or so press ups 😀

Out of interest can any of you (the readers) do 100 press ups (keeping proper form)? I youTubed it and haven’t been too impressed.

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